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Congratulations! Landing on this page means organising your visas just got a whole lot easier, so that’s one less thing to worry about! Our dedicated visa planning service is a brilliant tool for determining exactly what visas you will need for your trip, and then allowing you to book them right here, right now.

Just use the interactive map below to select what countries you will be visiting (or type in the box at the bottom) and then click the orange button. This will bring up visa information for each country according to your nationality. You may find that for some countries you will not need a visa, but for the ones you do, completely up-to-date information and prices will appear. All you have to do then is select the right options for you and away you go!

Submitting a visa/eVisa application doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be granted one. The decision ultimately lies with the embassy/immigration department of the country you’d like to go to.

That being said, visas are rarely denied in our experience. More often then not, rather then being denied, the embassy/immigration department will request further information or documents to support your application before they make a decision and if everything is in order, applications generally go smoothly.

In the unlikely scenario that your application is denied, the most common reasons may be because you have previous deportations, a criminal record or convictions, or not enough evidence to prove you’ll leave the country once your visa expires.

If your visa is denied you can always apply again but unfortunately, you will most likely have to pay the fees again, as embassies do not issue refunds. You can check out our refund policy by hopping over to our help section here: Help / Refunds

Using our services significantly reduces the chances of your visa application being denied. We’ve been doing this for years and know exactly what the embassies are looking for. We also have a good working relationship with the embassies, so on the rare chance that something doesn’t look right when we submit your application, they’ll let us know right away.

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