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Congratulations! Landing on this page means organising your visas just got a whole lot easier, so that’s one less thing to worry about! Our dedicated visa planning service is a brilliant tool for determining exactly what visas you will need for your trip, and then allowing you to book them right here, right now.

Just use the interactive map below to select what countries you will be visiting (or type in the box at the bottom) and then click the orange button. This will bring up visa information for each country according to your nationality. You may find that for some countries you will not need a visa, but for the ones you do, completely up-to-date information and prices will appear. All you have to do then is select the right options for you and away you go!

Applying for Iranian visas can be a drawn out and unpredictable process. We recommend that you do not to purchase tickets for travel or make other travel arrangements before securing the visa.

The key ingredient of an Iranian visa is the "Authorisation Code" (equivalent to a letter of invitation) - this is issued by the Iranian Ministry of Immigration in Tehran. Once you have this, you have permission to apply for the visa. The authorisation code does not however, guarantee that you will be granted a visa.

We can presently apply for the authorisation code only. You will then need to apply for the visa at the embassy of Iran in person. The embassy of Iran in London re-opened in 2016, so if you are UK based, you can get this visa in London. If you are based in Australia or New Zealand we can get the visa from the embassy in Canberra.

Please note, the authorisation codes are consulate specific. That means you'll have to state at the time of application where you'll be getting the actual visa - this cannot be changed once the code has been applied for. If you decide to get the visa from a different embassy you'll need to get a new code. They take at least a month to come through, so please take timing into account when making an order/ selecting place of visa application. For that reason you need to apply for this code before the 1st of May.

If you are British, American or Canadian you will be required to provide us with the details of your guide in order to apply for your authorisation code. The guide must be registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Iran.

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